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YES "Tormato" Japan Digitally Remastered CD

YES "Tormato" Japan Digitally Remastered CD
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Expanded Japan edition with extra bonus tracks, booklets, japan lyrics, sticker, OBI etc...

Original CD (Not CD-R copy!) New and sealed!

1. Future Times/Rejoice
2. Don't Kill the Whale
3. Madrigal
4. Release, Release
5. Arriving Ufo
6. Circus of Heaven
7. Onward
8. On the Silent Wings of Freedom
9. Abilene (Bonus Track)
10. Money (Bonus Track)
11. Picasso (Bonus Track)
12. Some Are Born (Bonus Track)
13. You Can Be Saved (Bonus Track)
14. High (Bonus Track)
15. Days (Demo)
16. Countryside (Bonus Track)
17. Everybody's Song (Early Demo)
18. Onward (Hidden Track)

Catalog number: 75502
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