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YES "Drama" Japan Digitally Remastered CD

YES "Drama" Japan Digitally Remastered CD
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Expanded Japan edition with extra bonus tracks, booklets, japan lyrics, sticker, OBI etc...

Original CD (Not CD-R copy!) New and sealed!

1. Machine Messiah
2. White Car
3. Does It Really Happen?
4. Into The Lens
5. Run Through The Light
6. Tempus Fugit

7. Into The Lens (I Am A Camera)
8. Run Through The Light (Single Version)
9. Have We Really Got To Go Through This
10. Song Nr. 4 (Satellite)
11. Tempus Fugit (tracking Session) (pr
12. White Car (Tracking Session)
13. Dancing Through The Light
14. Golden Age
15. In The Tower
16. Friend Of A Friend

Catalog number: 75503
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