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TRIUMVIRAT "Spartacus (1975)" CD

TRIUMVIRAT "Spartacus (1975)" CD

Import CD Released in 2001, Made In Europe. Produced by Jurgen Fritz. Recorded at EMI Electrola Studio 1, Cologne, between February 3rd and Match 4th, 1975. Original, factory made gold matrix CD (Not a CDR!)

1. The Capital Of Power
2. The School Of Instant Pain
   a. Proclamation
   b.The Gladiator's Song
   c. Roman Entertainment
   d. The Battle
3. The WallsOf Doom
4. The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
5. The Hazy Shades Of Dawn
6. TheBurning Sword Of Capua
7. The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty
8. The March ToThe Eternal City
   a. Dusty Road
   b. Italian Improvisation
   c. First Success
9. Spartacus
   a. The Superior Force of Rome
   b. A Broken Dream c. TheFinale
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