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T.REX "T.Rex" CD in Mini-LP card sleeve

T.REX "T.Rex" CD in Mini-LP card sleeve
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Copyright © 2006. Original CD (Not a CD-R).

1. The Children Of Rarn
2. Jewels
3. The Visit
4. Childe
5. The Time Of Love Is Now
6. Diamond Meadows
7. Root Of Star
8. Beltane Walk
9. Is It Love?
10. One Inch Rock
11. Summer Deep
12. Seagull Woman
13. Suneye
14. The Wizard
15. The Children Of Rarn
16. Ride A White Swan
17. Summertime Blues
18. Poem
19. The Visit
20. Diamond Meadows
21. One Inch Rock
22. Seagull Woman
23. The Wizard
24. The Children Of Rarn
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