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THE WHO "The Kids Are Alright" 1974 (remastered) 2CD + DVD cardsleeve

THE WHO "The Kids Are Alright" 1974 (remastered) 2CD + DVD cardsleeve
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The CD is packed in cardboard boxing with high quality printing inside and outside the cover. Packed like original vinyl. Beautyful made band info. Every single CD is in nice paper pocket. Very special edition. For real collectors.

1. My Generation
2. I Can't Explain
3. Happy Jack
4. I Can See For Miles
5. Magic Bus
6. Long Live Rock
7. Anyway
8. Anyhow Anywhere
9. Young Man Blues
10. My Wife
11. Baba O'Riley

1. A Quick One
2. Tommy
3. Can You Hear Me
4. Sparks
5. Pinball Wizard
6. See Me
7. Feel Me
8. Join Together
9. Roadrunner
10. My Generation Blues (Medley)
11. Won't get Fooled Again

DVD (110 mins):
The Kids Are Alright
Guitar & Pen
Eyesight To The Blind
Commentary With Derector Jeff Stain And DVD Producer Jorn Albarian...

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