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THE DOORS "When You're Strange/Europe 1968/" 3DVD BOX SET

THE DOORS "When You're Strange/Europe 1968/" 3DVD BOX SET

Exclusive Limited edition boxset. Released in the EU. Color PAL; Region-FREE: (R0)

"When You're Strange"
Seminal American band the Doors finally get their cinematic due with this documentary from LIVING IN OBLIVION director Tom DiCillo.
WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE: A FILM ABOUT THE DOORS captures the band from their 1965 beginnings to Jim Morrison’s 1971 death,
featuring footage from those years.

"Live in Europe 1968"
1. Light My Fire / Main Title
2. Love Me Two Times
3. Back Door Man
4. Spanish Caravan
5. Hello, I Love You
6. When The Music's Over
7. Unknown Soldier
8. Light My Fire (II)
9. Five To One
10. Alabama Song

"Live At The Hollywood Bowl"
1. The Music's Over
2. Alabama Song
3. Back Door Man
4. 5 to 1
5. Moonlight Drive
6. Horse Latitudes
7. Celeb the Lizard
8. Spanish Caravan
9. Light My Fire
10. Unknown Soldier
11. The End

"Dance On Fire"
12. Break On Through
13. People are Strange
14. Wild Child
15. L.A Woman
16. Roadhouse Blues
17. Texas Radio
18. Love me Two Times
19. Touch Me
20. Adagio
21. Crystal Ship
22. Rider on the Storm

"The Soft Parade"
23. The Changeling
24. Wishful Sinful
25. Build Me a Woman
26. Unknown Soldier
27. The Soft Parade
28. Hello I Love You

THE DOORS "When You're Strange/Europe 1968/" 3DVD BOX SET
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