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THE BEATLES with Mary Hopkin "Voice Of Something" 2CD set

THE BEATLES with Mary Hopkin "Voice Of Something" 2CD set
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Limited edition 2CD set. Released in the EU. Original CDs (Not CD-R copies!)

1: John Snclair (live)
2: It's So Hard (Live)
3: The Luck Of The Irish (Live)
4: Sisters Oh Sisters (Live)
5: We All Wake Up (Live)
6: Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live)
7: Attica State (Live)
8: Midsummer New York (Live)
9: Sakura Sakura (Live)
10: Memphis (Live with Chuck Berry)
11: Johnny B Goods (Live with Chuck Berry)
12: Imagine (Collected From Three TV Shows)
13: Imagine Interview
John & Yoko
Talk About Album Imagine
Perfect Interview
(Kabuki & Banzai)
14: Give Peace A Chance
15: Dead News (Radio News)
16: Christmas Message For Japanes Fans

1: Getting Closer (Live)
2: Maby I'm Amazed (Live)
3: Fool On The Hill (Live)
4: Hot As Sun (Live)
5: Yesterday (Live)
6: Band On The Run (Live)
7: Rockestra Theme (Live)
8: Paul McCartney Talk
About Wings & Beatles & John & Yoko
9: The Family Way (Live)
10: Theme For Jenny
(The Geroge Martin Orchestra)
11: A Little Help From My Friend (Live with Paul McCartney)
12: Yesterday (Live)
13: In My Life (Live)
14: Temma Harbor (Live)
15: Goodbye (Live)
16: Those Were The Days (Live)
(Mary Hopkin Live In Japan International Exposition 1970)
17: Goodbye
18: Goodbye (Demo)
19: Temma Harbour
20: Lontano Dagli Occhi
21: In The Morning
22: Those Were The Days
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