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TATU "The Video Collection" DVD

TATU "The Video Collection" DVD
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Limited EU edition DVD. PAL format, All Region (R0), Sound 5.1 Dolby Digital. Original DVD (Not a DVD-R or VCD!) Made In EU. DVD contain long box with photosleeve.

1. Ya Soshla S Uma (I Lost My Mind) (Russian Version)
2. Nas Ne Dogonyat (They Don't Catch Us) (Russian Version)
3. Prostie Dvizenia (Simple Motions) (Russian Version)
4. Ya Soshla S Uma (DJ Ram Mix) (I Lost My Mind) (Russian Version)
5. All The Things She Said (English Version)
6. 30 Minut (30 Minutes) (Russian Version)
7. Not Gonna Get Us (English Version)

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