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t.A.T.u. + RAMMSTEIN "Pruzhinki (The Springs)" CD

t.A.T.u. + RAMMSTEIN "Pruzhinki (The Springs)" CD
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EXCLUSIVE CD Released in 2005, Made In EU. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. tatu vs. rammstein - ist das gut! (XXX Mix)
2. tatu vs. rammstein - the springs (Ping-Pong Mix)
3. tatu vs. rammstein - 30 minutes without you (Very Sad Mix)
4. tatu vs. rammstein - the same (Long Repeat Mix)
5. tatu vs. rammstein - links 2 dry 4 (Very Clear Mix)
6. tatu vs. rammstein - ein kleiner mensch (Small Grave Mix)

7. tatu vs. limp bizkit - all the things (she said)
8. zemfira vs. rammstein - traffic of the sun
9. zemfira vs. clawfinger - we missed

all tracks mixed and recreated by DJ Maffin,based on original tracks by Rammstein and Tatu.