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A-HA "Go To Sleep" CD [rare & unreleased tracks vol.2]

A-HA "Go To Sleep" CD [rare & unreleased tracks vol.2]

Exclusive Limited Edition printed CD-R with rare and unreleased tracks.

1. Ricos Radio megamix
2. Love Is Reason (12" Loose Women Mix)
3. Love Is Reason (Loose Women Instrumental)
4. Huunting High And Low (Seachers Mix)
5. Driftworld (The Tea Break)
6. Cry Wolf (7" Bass Vibe Mix)
7. Forever Not Yours (The Liquid Mix)
8. You Are The One (Extended Instrumental)
9. Out Of The Blue Comes Green (Extended Remix)
10. Take On Me (Remix By Ferny)
11. Take On Me (Final Demo Tape)
12. Go To Sleep (Unreleased Ballad)
13. Nothing To It (Unreleased Track From 1984)
14. The Love Goodbye (Unreleased Track From 1984)
15. Bonus Track Live11.10.2002
16. Bonus Track Live11.10.2002

“Go to sleep” CD is an unofficial limited edition of A-ha rare and unreleased until then hits. The album was recorded in the UK in 2003 and from that very time it became music that is hard to be found in most music stores. This disc can be interesting to all A-ha fans and collectors of rock music.

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