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SANTANA "Sacred Fire" DVD in SnapPack

SANTANA "Sacred Fire" DVD in SnapPack

Limited edition DVD in Snap-Pack. Region-FREE: (R0), Plays anywhere!, Original DVD (Not DVD-R copy!)

1. Angels all around us (intro)
2. Spirits dancing in the flash
3. Esperando
4. Batuka / No one to depend on
5. Wings of grace
6. Black magic woman / Gypsy queen
7. Oye como va
8. Samba pa ti
9. Guajira
10. Open inviation
11. Make somebody happy
12. Toussaint L'overture
13. Soul sacrifice / Don't try this at home
14. Europa
15. Ji-go-lo-ba / Credits

R0, NTSC, plays anywhere!
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