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RICK WAKEMAN "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" CD

RICK WAKEMAN "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" CD
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Import CD Released in 2001, Made In Europe. Original, factory made CD (Not a CDR!)

1. Catherine Of Aragon 3:44
2. Anne Of Cleves 7:53
3. CatherineHoward 6:35
4. Jane Seymour 4:46
5. Anne Boleyn "The Day ThouGavest Lord Hath Ended" 6:32
6. Catherine Parr 7:06
Rick Wakeman Collection 1973-1981.Limited Edition. ...Producer: Rick Wakeman with bass - Dave Winter,Chris Squire, Chas Cronk, Les Hurdle; guitar - Mike Egan, DaveLambert, Steve Howe; drums - Alan White, Bill bruford, Barry deSouza; vocals - Liza Strike, Laura Lee, Barry St. Jonh, SylviaMcNeill, Judy Powell.