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RICK WAKEMAN "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" DVD

RICK WAKEMAN "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" DVD
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Limited edition DVD. Released in 2001 Classic Pictures Entertainment. Color: Pal, All Region : (R0) Length : 95 min. Audio : Dolby Digital. Original DVD (Not a DVD-R or VCD!) DVD contain long box with photosleeve.

Live concert with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra in 1975 before30,000 fans. The concert also includes the greatest hits fromWakeman's best-selling album "The Six Wives of Henry VII" and hitsfrom "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table."
This is classicRick Wakeman at the very pinnacle of his legendary career as one ofRock's greatest keyboard players!

Includes: Catherine Parr; Guinevere;Journey to the Center of the Earth (The Journey, The Recollection, TheBattle, The Forest); Catherine Howard (Merlin); Anne Boleyn; Reprisefrom the Forest.
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