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RECOIL "A Strange Hour In Berlin" DVD

RECOIL "A Strange Hour In Berlin" DVD

Rare Limited Edition DVD. Printed DVD-R release only!
Not released as pressed DVD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on disc (no inserts).

I. Hansa Tonstudio

II. Sunroof (Gareth Jones & Daniel Miller)
Re-Construction Time Again:
01 - Love, In Itself
02 - More Than A Party
03 - Pipeline
04 - Everything Counts
05 - Two Minute Warning
06 - Shame
07 - The Landscape Is Changing
08 - Told You So
09 - And Then.../Everything Counts (Reprise)

III. Q & A session

IV. Recoil - A Strange Hour:
01 Intro
02 Prey (Shotgun Mix)
03 Want
04 Shape The Future
05 Drifting (Poison Dub)
06 Strange Hours'10
07 Allelujah (Noisy Church Mix)
08 The Killing Ground (Solid State Mix)
09 Never Let Me Down Again
10 Uranokemia
11 Shunt (Pan Sonic Mix)
12 Speedy Groove
13 Black Box
14 Stalker (Punished Mix)
15 Faith Healer (LFO Disbiliever Mix)
16 Shunt
17 Outro

Selected Events Tour:
Live At Hansa Tonstudio
Berlin, Germany

Artist Info
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