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RAINBOW "Live In Japan/Live Between The Eyes" DVD

RAINBOW "Live In Japan/Live Between The Eyes" DVD

Limited edition DVD. Released in the EU. Region-FREE: (R0), Original DVD (Not DVD-R copy!)

Live In Japan 1984:
1. Spotlight Kid
2. Miss Mistreated
3. I Surrender
4. Can't Happen Here
5. Catch The Rainbow
6. Power
7. Street Of Dreams
8. Fool For The Night
9. Difficult To Cure
10. Blues
11. Stranded
12. Death Alley Driver
13. Fire Dance
14. All Night Long
15. Since You've Been Gone
16. Smoke On The Water

Live Between The Eyes 1982:
1. Overture: Over The Rainbow
2. Spotlight Kid
3. Miss Mistreated
4. It Can't Happen Here
5. Tearin Out My Heart
6. All Night Long
7. Stone Cold
8. Power
9. Blues Interlude
10. Beethoven's Ninth: Ode To Joy
11. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
12. Smoke On The Water
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