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PET SHOP BOYS "Pandemonium Tour" DVD

PET SHOP BOYS "Pandemonium Tour" DVD

Limited edition DVD. Private audience recording. Excellent quality.
DVD Coniains slim plastic case, Color-PAL, Region-FREE:(R0)
(DVD-R release only)

Recorded Liva At Ice Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia
June 10th, 2009

1. Heart / More Than A Dream (Reprise)
2. Did You See Me Coming?
3. Pandemonium / Can You Forgive Her?
4. Go West
5. Two Divided By Zero
6. Why Don't We Live Together?
7. Always On My Mind
8. Closer To Heaven
9. Left To Own Devices
10. Do I Have To
11. King's Cross
12. The Way It Used To Be
13. Jealousy
14. Suburbia
15. All Over The World
16. Se A Vida E
17. Viva La Vida / Domino Dancing (Reprise)
18. It's A Sin
19. Being Boring
20. West End Girls

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