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PAUL McCARTNEY "Red Rose Speedway" 2CD DVD set in digipack

PAUL McCARTNEY "Red Rose Speedway" 2CD DVD set in digipack

Limited edition 2CD/DVD set in cardbox. Released in the EU. DVD Region-FREE: (R0), Original Item (Not burned copy!)

CD1: Red Rose Speedway

1. Big Barn Bed
2. My Love
3. Get On The Right Thing
4. One More Kiss
5. Litte Lamb Dragonfly
6. Single Pigeon
7. When The Night
8. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
9. Medley
a. Hold Me Tight
b. Lazy Dynamite
c. Hands Of Love
d. Power Cut
bonus tracks:
10. Zoo Gang
11. Lunch Box / Odd Sox
12. My Carnival

CD2: The Alternate Red Rose Speedway

1. Country Dreamer (original single version)
2. Night Out (rough mix)
3. Only One More Kiss (New Remaster version)
4. Jazz Street (unedited instrumental outtake)
5. Big Barn Bed (rough mix)
6. My Love (original mono mix)
7. When the night (rought mix)
8. Single pigeon (rought mix)
9. Tragedy (original first mix)
10. Mama's Little Girl (rough mix)
11. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
12. I Would Only Smile (rough mix)
13. I Lie Around (original single version)
14. Little lamb dragonfly (new remaster version)
15. Get On the Right Thing (new remaster version)
16. 1882 (Live in the Hague 21/8/72 With Stereo Overdubs)
17. The Mess (Live in the Hague 21/8/72)

DVD: James Paul McCartney TV Special
Color: NTSC, (1-6. Sound: Dolby Surround 5.1
Approx Running Time: 52 mins.

1. Introduction/Big Barn Bed
2. Blackbird/Bluebird/Michelle/Heart on The Country
3. Mary Had A little Lamb
4. Little Woman Love/C Moon
5. My Love
6. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
7. Chelsea Ranch
8. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
9. Live And Let Die
10. Beatles Medley
11. The Mess
12. Maybe I'm Amazed
13. Long Tall Sally
14. At The End Of Another Day
15. Yesterday

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