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PANTERA "Live In Seoul 2001" CD

PANTERA "Live In Seoul 2001" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. It's printed CD-R release only.
Great item for fans and collectors!!! Contains plastic box, info and tracklist.
Soundboard Quality!

1. Hellbound
2. A New Level
3. Slaughtered
4. Goddamn Electric
5. Becoming
6. Revolution Is My Name
7. Use My Third Arm
8. Floods
9. Suicide Note Pt.2
10. I'll Cast A Shadow
11. Walk
12. FuckinĀ“ Hostile (Cemetary Gates-Intro)
13. This Love
14. Primal Concrete Sledge
15. Cowboys From Hell

Recorded Live In Seoul, Korea 05.06.2001

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