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OASIS "Live In Tokyo 2006" 2CD set

OASIS "Live In Tokyo 2006" 2CD set

Rare Limited Edition 2CD. Printed CD-Rs release only!
Not released as pressed DVD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on disc (no inserts).

1. This is not a drill (intro)
2. Turn up the sun
3. Lyla
4. Bring it on down
5. Morning glory
6. Cigarettes and alcohol
7. The importance of being idle
8. The masterplan
9. Songbird
10. A bell will ring
11. Acquiesce
12. Live forever
13. Mucky fingers
14. Wonderwall
15. Champagne supernova
16. Rock 'n' roll star
17. Guess god thinks i'm abel
18. The meaning of soul
19. Don't look back in anger
20. My generation

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