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NICKELBACK The Ultimate Video Collection DVD

NICKELBACK The Ultimate Video Collection DVD

Made In EU. Region - (1-6)
original, not DVD-R copy!!!

Canadian rock band Nickelback really took off with the release of their third album SILVER SIDE UP in 2001. Since then the band members have never really looked back, with subsequent albums THE LONG ROAD and ALL THE RIGHT REASONS enjoying huge worldwide success.
The popularity of the band has been partly propelled by some popular music videos for songs from each album, and this collection includes promos for 12 of the band's tracks. Among the highlights are clips for "How You Remind Me," "Far Away," and "If Everyone Cared."

1. Rockstar
2. If Everyone Cared
3. Far Away
4. Savin' Me
5. Photograph
6. Figured You Out
7. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
8. Someday
9. Never Again
10. Too Bad
11. How You Remind Me
12. Leader of Me

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