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METALLICA "Unplugged" CD

METALLICA "Unplugged" CD
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Import CD Released in 2000 by "Damage records". Cat. # SNP 250, Made In Europe. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. Low Man's Lyric
2. Helpless
3. The Four Horsemen
4. Poor Twisted Me
5. Nothing Else Matters
6. Creeping Death
7. Thuesday Gone
8. Last Caress
(Acoustic show Canada 18 oct. 1997 withguests John Popper, Les Claypool, Jery Cartell)
9. Nothing Else Matters
(Bridge Benefit 18 dec. 1997)
10. Bleeding Me
11. Medley Seek And Destroy / Fight Fire With Fire
(Oslo, Norway 23 nov. 1997)