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MARTIN L. GORE "Piano & Acoustic Sessions In Cologne" CD

MARTIN L. GORE "Piano & Acoustic Sessions In Cologne" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. Printed CD-R release only!
Not released as pressed DVD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on disc (no inserts).
Martin's piano sessions at 08.05.1998 in the Hyatt Regency Cologne.

01 When the Night is Cold [Army Of Lovers cover]
02 He Touched Me [Elvis Presley cover - gospel]
03 Ruby Tuesday [Rolling Stones cover]
04 Crying in the Chapel [ElvisPresley cover - gospel]
05 In the Ghetto (The Vicious Circle) [ElvisPresley cover]
06 Suspicious Minds [Elvis Presley cover]
07 Femme Fatale[Velvet Underground cover]
08 Ziggy Stardust [Bowie cover]
09 Rock andRoll Suicide [Bowie cover]
10 Stone Love (Soul Love) [Mick Ronson cover]
11 My Funny Valentine [Chet Baker cover]
12 Enola Gay [OrchestralManoeuvres In The Dark cover]
13 Coming Back To You [Leonard Cohen cover]
14 Light My Fire [The Doors cover]
15 Love Is in the Air [StephenSondheim]
16 Wonderwall [Oasis cover]
17 God Save the Queen - PrettyVacant [Sex Pistols cover]
18 Sometimes
19 I Heard It Through the Grapevine [Marvin Gaye cover]
20 / 21 A Question Of Lust.