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MARTIN L. GORE "Counterfeit (1989) / Counterfeit2 (2003)" CD

MARTIN L. GORE "Counterfeit (1989) / Counterfeit2 (2003)" CD
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Import CD Released in 2003, Made In the EU. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

Counterfeit2 (2003):
1. In My Time Of Dying
2. Stardust
3. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
4. In My Other World
5. Loverman
6. By This River
7. Lost In The Stars
8. Oh My Love
9. Das Lied Vom Einsamen Madchen
10. Tiny Girls
11. Candy Says

Counterfeit (1989) :
12. Compulsion
13. In A Manner Of Speaking
14. Smile In The Crowd
15. Gone
16. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
17. Motherless Child

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