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MARC ALMOND "Demo & Remix Album" CD

MARC ALMOND "Demo & Remix Album" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. Printed CD-R release only!
Not released as pressed DVD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on disc (no inserts).

1. Madame De La Luna (Demo Version) (4:30)
2. A Lover Spurned (12" Version) (7:17)
3. The Sea Still Sings (Demo Version) (3:33)
4. The Desperate Hours (Extended Flamenco Mix)(7:58)
5. Orpheus In Red Velvet (Demo Version) (4:48)
6. Waifs And Strays (The Grid Mix) (4:34)
7. Death's Diary (Demo Version) (3:48)
8. She Took My Soul In Istanbul (Blue Mosque Mix) (10:21)
9. Toreador In The Rain (Demo Version) (2:36)
10. The Sensualist (Ultimate Ecstacy Mix) (7:00)
11. These My Dreams Are Yours (Through The Night Mix) (8:53)

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