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MAGNUM The Eleventh Hour CD JAPAN with OBI

MAGNUM The Eleventh Hour CD JAPAN with OBI

Japanese CD with Obi, Liner, Booklet, etc..Exclusive special edition - for real collectors.
Original CD (Not burned CD-R copy!). New and Sealed.

1. The Prize
2. Breakdown
3. The Great Disaster
4. Vicious Companions
5. So Far Away
6. Hit And Run
7. One Night Of Passion
8. The Word
9. Young And Precious Souls
10. Road To Paradise
11. The Word (Alt. Orchestral Version) (Bonus Live Track)
12. True Fine Love (Outtake) (Bonus Live Track)

BBC Friday Rock Show Session:
13. The Prize
14. Breakdown
15. Vicious Companion
16. Road To Paradise
17. The Prize (Acoustic Version)
18. One Night Of Passion (Acoustic Version)

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