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MADONNA "The Other Side Of Madonna Vol.2" 4CD set

MADONNA "The Other Side Of Madonna Vol.2" 4CD set

Rare Limited Edition 4CD set. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only
Great item for fans and collectors! Contains plastic box, info and tracklist.

1. Holiday (Illicit 2003 Mix)
2. Over And Over (Idaho's Funky Drive Mix)
3. Dress You Up (Felix Meow's In Style Mix)
4. Into The Groove (Princess Projectra Regal Mix)
5. True Blue (Deep Magic Dance Mix)
6. Where's The Party (Donny's Losing Control Mix)
7. La Isla Bonita (Saint Ken's Extended Latin Club Mix)
8. Express Yourself (Saturn Girl's Titan Remix)
9. Spanish Eyes (Stone's Extended Mix)
10. Promise To Try (Ornique's Remix Edit)
11. Rescue Me (Saint Ken's Full SP)

1. Erotica (Sex Parlo Mix)
2. Deeper & Deeper (White Queen Mindblaster Remix)
3. Thief Of Hearts (TC Rob Impetuous Club Mix)
4. Rain (2003 Thunderdance Remix)
5. Where Life Begins (Elijah Mix)
6. In This Life (Saint Ken's Memorial Clg Remix)
7. Bad Girl (Dikkie's Good Boy Mix 2002)
8. Waiting (Remix)
9. Goodbye To Innocence (Nic's Lost 12" Club Mix)
10. Secret (Swept Mambo)
11. Bedtime Story (Cookie Mix)
12. Sanctuary (Remix Maniac's Sacred Mix)
13. Megamix Dance In The 80's And The 90's

1. Inside Of Me (Remix)
2. Love Tried To Welcome Me (Idaho's Lonely Remix)
3. I Want You (Obsessive Mix)
4. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Mark's Full On Vocal)
5. You Must Love Me (Live From Oscar)
6. Buenos Aires (Nova Bossa Mix Edit)
7. Frozen (Idaho's Kingston Reggae Mix)
8. Ray Of Light (Ultra Bright Hard Mix)
9. The Power Of Goodbye (Real Shout Mix)
10. To Have And Not To Hold (Remix Maniac's Breakbeat Mix)
11. Music (DJ Beeker Remix)
12. Paradise (Not For Me) (Live Drum Dub Pella)
13. Runaway Lover (Victor Calderone Provocateur Mix)

1. Time Stood Still (Leroy's Soft House Mix)
2. American Life (DJ Matt Maddy's Gone Ti)
3. Hollywood (Stuart Price Remix)
4. I'm So Stupid (Dikkie's Alternate Version 2003)
5. Intervention (Not Religious Mix)
6. X Static Process (Mike Danavan's Dancing In The Dark Vocal Mix)
7. Nobody Knows Me (Official Peter's Private Life Mix Pt 1)
8. Mother & Father (Mike Danavan & Idaho's Matricide Edit)
9. Words Of The Prophecy (Radio Mix)
10. Secret Garden (Secret Dance Mix)
11. Little Star (Slow House Mix)
12. Me Against The Music (with Britney Spears) (Mike Danavan & Idaho's Lolitas R. I. P. Edit

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