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MADONNA "The Confessions Tour" DVD in digipack

MADONNA "The Confessions Tour" DVD in digipack
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Exclusive Limited edition DVD Box. Unique cardboard sleeve and slipcase, for real collectors! Region-FREE: (R0), Original DVD disc

1. Future lovers/I feel love
2. Get together
3. Like a virgin
4. Jump
5. Confessions
6. Live to tell
7. Forbidden love
8. Isaac
9. Sorry
10. Like it or not
11. Sorry (Remix)
12. I love New York
13. Ray of light
14. Let it will be
15. Drowned World/Substitute for love
16. Paradise (Not for me)
17. Music inferno
18. Erotica
19. La isla bonita
20. Lucky star
21. Hung up
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