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MADONNA "Sticky & Sweet Tour" DVD

MADONNA "Sticky & Sweet Tour" DVD

Limited edition DVD. Released in the EU. PAL. Region-FREE: (R0), Original DVD (Not DVD-R copy!)

1. Candy Shop
2. Beat Goes On
3. Human Nature
4. Vogue
5. Into The Groove
6. She is Not Me
7. Devil Wouldn't Recognise You
8. Miles Away
9. La Isla Bonita - Lela Pala Tute
10. You Must Love Me
11. Like A Prayer
12. Ray Of Light

13. Speech & Request: Like A Virgin (Oakland 11-1)
14. Speech & Request: Burning Up (Oakland 11-2)
15. Speech & Request: Dress You Up (Oakland 11-6)

Total Time: 71 min

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