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LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Freebird / The Movie" CD + DVD cardsleeve

LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Freebird / The Movie" CD + DVD cardsleeve
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(p) & (c) 1996. CD: The CD is packed in cardboard boxing with high quality printing inside and outside the cover. Made under original vinyl. Beautyful made band info. Every single CD is in nice paper pocket. Very special edition. For real collectors.

1. Workin' For MCA
2. I Ain't The One
3. Saturday Night Special
4. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
5. Travellin' Man
6. Searching
7. What's Your Name
8. That Smell
9. Gimme Three Steps
10. Call Me The Breeze
11. T For Texas (Blue Yodel No.1)
12. Sweety Home Alabama
13. Free Bird
14. Dixie

Freebird: The Movie
Includes complete live versions of:

1. Workin' For MCA
2. That Smell
3. I Ain't The One
4. Gimme Back My Bullets
5. Saturday Night Special
6. Cry For The Bad Man
7. Searching
8. Call Me The Breeze
9. What's Your Name
10. Blue Yodel ("T" for Texas)
11. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
12. Sweet Home Alabama
13. Travellin' Man
14. Free Bird
15. Gimme Three Steps
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