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A-HA "Live In St.Petersburg 20.11.2009" DVD

A-HA "Live In St.Petersburg 20.11.2009" DVD

Limited edition DVD. Private audience recording. Excellent quality.
DVD Coniains slim plastic case, Color-PAL, Region-FREE:(R0)
(DVD-R release only)

Recorded Live At Ice Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia November 20th, 2009

1. The Sun Always Shines On TV
2. Riding The Crest
3. The Bandstand
4. Scoundrel Days
5. Stay On These Roads
6. Manhattan Skyline
7. Hunting High And Low
8. The Blood That Moves The Body
9. Dream Myself Alive
10. And You Tell Me
11. Velvet
12. Train Of Thought
13. Sunny Mystery
14. Forever Not Yours
15. Shadowside
16. Summer Moved On
17. Foot Of The Mountain
18. Cry Wolf
19. Analogue
20. The Living Daylights
21. Take On Me

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