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LINKIN PARK Underground v.3.0 CD

LINKIN PARK Underground v.3.0 CD
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1. Don't Stay (Live)
2. Carousel (Alter-Native Mastering)
3. Poits Of Authority (Crystal Method Remix)
4. With You (Live)
5. By Myself (Josh Abrahaam & Mike Shinoda)
6. My December (Alter-Native Mastering)
7. Step Up (Alter-Native Mastering)
8. Figure 09 (Live)
9. A Place For My Head (Live)
10. High Voltage (Original Jap Retail)
11. And One (Alter-Native Mastering)
12. Kyu 4 The Ich (Chairman Hahn)
13. A.06 (Alter-Native Mastering - Edit Mix)
14. Dedicated (Demo 1999)
15. Crawling - Mike Shinoda Feat Aaron Lewis
16. Forgotten - Alchemist Feat Chali 2 na
17. Somewhere I Belong
18. Breaking The Habit
19. Numb
20. In The End
21. Pushing Me Away

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