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LEVEL 42 "Live At The Jazz Cafe 25.11.1999" CD

LEVEL 42 "Live At The Jazz Cafe 25.11.1999" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. Printed CD-R release only!
Not released as pressed DVD. Great item for fans and collectors!!!
Contains slim plastic box, all info and tracks are printed on disc (no inserts).

1. Just Like That - Changing the Guard
2. Love Wars
3. To Be With You Again
4. Keep Climbing
5. Take My Hand
6. Leaving Me Now
7. Outstanding
8. Lessons In Love - Hot Water - Chinese Way
9. Bass Solo - Mr Pink
10. Throwing Sevens
11. Bass Solo - Jazz Cafe 23 Nov.1999 (bonus)
12. Keep Climbing - Jazz Cafe Nov.1999 (bonus - audience recording)
13. Leaving Me Now - Jazz Cafe Nov.1999 (bonus - audience singing Jakko's vocals)
14. Bass Solo - Jazz Cafe 26 Nov.2001 (bonus)

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