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A-HA "Lession One" CD [rare & unreleased tracks vol.1]

A-HA "Lession One" CD [rare & unreleased tracks vol.1]

Exclusive Limited Edition printed CD-R with rare and unreleased tracks.

1. Take On Me (Karaoke)
2. The Blood That Moves The Body (Karaoke)
3. Summer Moved On (Mushy Mix)
4. Minor Earth Major Sky (Ivanhoe's Mix)
5. I Wish I Cared (Bitter Sweet R+B)
6. Forever Not Yours (Love Field Remix)
7. Time & Again (DedOn@Rival Vision Mix)
8. Did Anyone Approach You? (Dark Alley Skip)
9. The Devon@Rival Career Megamix)
10. Lession One (Recorded in 1982 on 4 track recorder demobroadcasted on radiostation in Oslo)
11. Lession One (A longer Version of the demo-unreleased track)
12. Telephone (Rare Instrumental Demo)
13. Live10.10.2002 Bonus Track
14. Live10.10.2002 Bonus Track

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