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KISS "Unplugged" 2CD+DVD cardsleeve

KISS "Unplugged" 2CD+DVD cardsleeve
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The CD is packed in cardboard boxing with high quality printing inside and outside the cover. Made under original vinyl. Beautyful made band info. Every single CD is in nice paper pocket. Very special edition. For real collectors. DVD - Color: NTSC, (1-6) Sound: Dolby Surround 5.1

CD: Unplugged
1. Comin' Home
2. Plaster Caster
3. Goin' Blind
4. Do You Love Me
5. Domino
6. Sure Know Something
7. A World Without Heroes
8. Rock Bottom
9. See You Tonight
10. I Still Love You
11. Every Time I Look At You
12. 2,000 Man
13. Both
14. Nothin' To Lose
15. Rock And Roll All Nite

DVD: Unplugged
1. Unplugged Intro
2. Comin' Home
3. Plaster Caster
4. Goin' Blind
5. Do You Love Me
6. Domino
7. Got To Choose
8. Sure Know Something
9. A World Without Heroes
10. Rock Bottom
11. See You Tonight
12. I Still Love You
13. Every Time I Look At You
14. Ace
15. 2,000 Man
16. Both
17. Nothin' To Lose
18. Rock And Roll All Nite
19. End Credits

Bonus CD:
Greatest Hits

1. Stutter
2. Deuce
3. Hotter Than Hell
4. C'mon And Love Me
5. Rock And Roll All Nite
6. Detroit Rock City
7. Both
8. Hard Rock Woman
9. Calling Dr.Love
10. Love Gun
11. Christeen Sixteen
12. I Was Made For Loving You

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