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JOY DIVISION "Still" 2CD set in mini lp sleeve

JOY DIVISION "Still" 2CD set in mini lp sleeve

Rare miniature LP style Paper Sleeve 2CD with Obi, Liner, Booklet, etc..
Exclusive special edition - for real collectors.
Original CDs (Not burned CD-R copy!). New and Sealed.

1. Exercise One
2. Ice Age
3. Sound Of Music
4. Glass
5. Only Mistake
6. Walked In Line
7. Kill
8. Something Must Break
9. Dead Souls
10. Sister Ray
11. Ceremony
12. Shadowplay
13. A Means To An End
14. Passover
15. New Dawn Fades
16. Transmission
17. Disorder
18. Isolation
19. Decades
20. Digital

live at High Wycombe Town Hall, 20th February 1980:
1. The Sound Of Music
2. A Means To An End
3. Colony
4. Twenty Four Hours
5. Isolation
6. Love Will Tear Us Apart
7. Disorder
8. Atrocity Exhibition
9. Isolation (Sound Check)
10. The Eternal (Sound Check 1)
11. Ice Age (Sound Check)
12. Disorder (Sound Check)
13. The Sound Of Music (Sound Check)
14. The Eternal (Sound Check 2)
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