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HIM "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack

HIM "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack
Out Of Stock

2CD set in digipack (special card box limited edition)
Limited edition 500 copies only were made in digipack.
Original CD, not burned CD-R copy

1. Heartkiller
2. The Kiss Of Dawn
3. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
4. Right Here In My Arms
5. And Love Said No
6. Scared To Death
7. Bleed Well
8. Vampire Heart
9. The Funeral Of Hearts
10. Pretending
11. Passion's Killing Floor
12. Join Me In Death
13. Heartache Every Moment
14. Killing Loneliness
15. Poison Girl
16. The Sacrament
17. In Joy And Sorrow
18. Wicked Game
19. Your Sweet Six Six Six

1. Venere Veritas
2. Venus Doom
3. Solitary Man
4. Under The Rose
5. Buried Alive By Love
6. Gone With The Sin
7. Dead Lover's Lane
8. Katherine Wheel
9. It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
10. Love In Cold Blood
11. Soul On Fire
12. Close To The Flame
13. Behind The Crimson Door
14. Death Is In Love With Us
15. Salt In Our Wounds
16. The Beginning Of The End
17. Beyond Redemption
18. When Love And Death Embrace

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