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GARBAGE "The Remixes" CD

GARBAGE "The Remixes" CD

Rare Limited Edition CD. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only (This item never released in another format) Great item for fans and collectors!!! Contains plastic box, inserts with info and tracklist.

1. Only Happy When It Rains (live)
2. Thirteen (live)
3. I Think I'm Paranoid - I Think I'm Crystalized
4. I Think I'm Paranoid - I Think I'm Crytalized Dub mix
5. I Think I'm Paranoid - Purity mix
6. Milk - Completely Trashed mix
7. Special -Brothers In Rthym mix
8. Special - Rickidy Raw Late Night mix
9. Stupid Girl - Danny Saber mix
10. Stupid Girl - Future Retro mix
11. Stupid Girl - Red Snapper mix
12. Stupid Girl - Shoegazer mix
13. Stupid Girl - Tee's Radio mix
14. Subhuman - More Than Human mix
15. When I Grow Up - Club mix
16. You Look So Fine - Fun Loving Criminals mix
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