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GARBAGE "Live In Brussels 2001" CD

GARBAGE "Live In Brussels 2001" CD
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Import CD Released in 2001 by Boot-X-Press Records. Recorded Live in Halles Of Schaarbeek, Belgium, November 9th, 2001 during promol tour. Excellent sound quality!!! Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. Push It 
2. Special 
3. IThing I'm Paranoid 
4. Androgyny 
5. Silence Is Golden 
6. Drive you Home 
7. Supervixen 
8. Breaking Up The Girl 
9. Not My Idea 
10. Til The Day I Die 
11. When I Grow Up 
12. Shut Your Mouth 
13. Milk 
14. Cherry Lips 
15. StupidGirl 
16. Vow
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