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FANCY "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack

FANCY "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack


2CD set in digipack (special card box limited edition)
Limited edition 500 copies only were made in digipack.
1. Flames Of Love (Extended)
2. Slice Me Nice (Extended)
3. Bolero [Hold Me in Your Arms Again) [Extended]
4. Lady Of lce'Extended) 
5. Bodyguard [Extended]
6. Colder Than Ice (Extended)
7. After Midnight
8. Chinese Eyes
9. Fools Cry
10. Angel Eyes
11. China Blue
12. Blood And Honey
13. Moscow Is Calling
14. Get Lost Tonight
15. Turbo Dancer Remix
1. Flames Df Love ’98 (MC's Extended)
2. Gimme A Sign
3. Come Back And Break My Heart (Extended)
4. When Clowns Cry
5. D.I.S.C.O. [Lust For Life] (Extended)
6. Slice Me Nice ’98
7. Lady Of Ice ’98
8. Chinese Eyes ’98
9. Na No Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
10. We Can Move A Mountain
11. Pretty Woman
12. For One Night In Heaven
13. No Tears
14. Spy In The Night
15. A Voice In The Dark
16. Long Way To Paradise (The Paradise Mix)
17. Wait By The Radio
18. Megamix 2000 (Maxi Version)
FANCY "Greatest Hits" 2CD set in digipack
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