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FANCY "Flames Of Love + Bonus" CD

FANCY "Flames Of Love + Bonus" CD
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Import CD Released in 2003. Made In EU. Limited Edition. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. Flames Of Love
2. Moscow Is Calling
3. I Can't Live Without You (Lonely Nights)
4. What's Your Name, What's Your Game
5. Bodyguard
6. Spy In The Night
7. Tonight The Devil Wins My Soul
8. Blue Eyed Lady
9. China Blue

10. Love Has Called Me Home [Radio Version]
11. Long Way To Paradise [Dance Version]
12. China Blue [Maxi Version]
13. Fools Cry [Remix]
14. No Tears [Radio Version]
15. Flames Of Love [Vox Extended Mix]
16. Turbo Dancer Remix
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