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FANCY "Five + Bonus" CD

FANCY "Five + Bonus" CD
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Import CD Released in 2003. Made In EU. Limited Edition. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

1. When Guardian Angels Cry
2. Like You
3. Second Hand Paradise
4. All We Need Is To Believe
5. Island Of Dreams
6. Love Never Dies
7. Bride In Black
8. It's Only Loneliness
9. Saint Marie De La Mer (Stop It Right Now)
10. In The Rain Again
11. Lost In Love
12. C'Est La Vie

Bonus :
13. When Guardian Angels Cry [Maxi Version]
14. No Way Out feat. Latoya Turner [Extended Version]
15. Cool Snake feat. Latoya Turner
16. The Big Dust [Radio Version]
17. Feel Free
18. Flic Flac