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ERASURE "Live at Dublin 26.02.05" 2CD set

ERASURE "Live at Dublin 26.02.05" 2CD set

Rare Limited Edition 2CD set. Released in the E.U. It's printed CD-R release only (This item never released in another format) Great item for fans and collectors!!! Contains plastic box, inserts with info and tracklist. Soundboard quality!

1. Intro
2. No Doubt
3. Hideaway
4. Brother and Sister
5. Knocking On Your Door
6. The Circus
7. Breathe
8. Ship of Fools
9. Drama
10. All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love
11. Stop
12. Rapture
13. Ave Maria
14. Breath of Life
15. A Little Respect
16. I Broke It All In Two
17. Chains Of Love
18. Chorus
19. Love To Hate You
20. Blue Savannah
21. In My Arms
22. Dont Say You Love Me
23. Who Needs Love Like That
24. Oh L'amour
25. I Bet You're Mad At Me
26. Sometimes

Recorded Live at Dublin 26.02.2005
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