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ENIGMA "Singles 1990-2000" 2CD set

ENIGMA "Singles 1990-2000" 2CD set
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Import CD Released in 2000 by "Diamond Records", Made In EU. Original CD (Not a CDR!)

CD 1:
1.Light Of Your Smile (Original Version)
2. Beyond The Invisible (Radio Edit)
3. Twilight Of The Gods (Trance Mix)
4. Beyond The Invisible (Short Radio Edit)
5. Out Of The Deep (Radio Edit)
6. Out Of The Deep (Rock Version)
7. Out Of The Deep (Trance Mix 168bpm)
8. Age Of Loneliness (Radio Edit)
9. Age Of Loneliness (Clubby Radio Edit)
10. Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix 128bpm)
11. Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix 93bpm)
12. The Eyes Of Truth (Radio Edit)
13. The Eyes Of Truth (Goutterelammerung Mix 140bpm)
14. The Eyes Of Truth (Dub Version 140bpm)

1. Return To Innocence (Radio Edit)
2. Return To Innocence (Long & Live Version)
3. Return To Innocence (380 Midnight Mix)
4. Return To Innocence (Short Radio Edit)
5. Principles Of Lust (Radio Edit)
6. Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)
7. Principles Of Lust (The Omen Mix)
8. Mea Culpa Part II (Original Version)
9. Mea Culpa Part II (Fading Shades Mix)
10. Mea Culpa Part (Orthodox Version)
11. Sadness Part 1 (Radio Edit)
12. Sadness Part 1 (Violent US Remix)
13. Sadness Part 1 (Extended Trance Mix)
14. Sadness Part 1 (Meditation Mix)
15. Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
16. Gravity Of Love (Dark Vocal Club Mix)
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