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DURAN DURAN "The B-Sides Part 2" CD

DURAN DURAN "The B-Sides Part 2" CD

DD Fan Club DPRO-29747-2 (EU 2002)

01. The LSD Edit (The Krush Brothers)
02. Decadance
03. Throb
04. Yo Bad Azizi
05. Water Babies
06. Stop Dead
07. Time For Temptation
08. Falling Angel
09. Ordinary World (Acoustic Radio One version)
10. Diamond Dogs
11. Needle And The Damage Done
12. Sinner Or Saint
13. Ball And Chain
14. Starting To Remember (Acoustic version)

Bonus Tracks:
15. God (London) [US version, not cencored]
16. Follow In My Footsteps
17. To The Shore (Alternate Album version)
18. Say The Word (Album version)

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