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DURAN DURAN "Rio Radio Special" CD

DURAN DURAN "Rio Radio Special" CD

DD Fan Club DPRO-29751-2 (EU 2004)

01. Rio (intro)
02. Rio
03. My Own Way (intro)
04. My Own Way
05. Lonely In Your Nightmare (intro)
06. Lonely In Your Nightmare
07. Hungry Like The Wolf (intro)
08. Hungry Like The Wolf
09. Hold Back The Rain (intro)
10. Hold Back The Rain
11. New Religion (intro)
12. New Religion
13. Last Chance On The Stairway (intro)
14. Last Chance On The Stairway
15. Save A Prayer (intro)
16. Save A Prayer
17. The Chauffeur (intro)
18. The Chauffeur
19. Later This Week (John Taylor and Nick Rhodes)
20. Later Tonight (John Taylor)
21. Later On (Nick Rhodes)
22. Stay Tuned (John Taylor)
23. New Religion (Carnival mix)
24. "... it's been quite a ride"
25. Rio (part two)
26. "... that's the stuff that influenced Duran Duran"
27. Like An Angel
28. "... things which really matter, which to us is music"
29. My Own Way (instrumental)

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