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DIRE STRAITS "Bijou" LIVE 1978-1985 CD in digipack

DIRE STRAITS "Bijou" LIVE 1978-1985 CD in digipack

Live At The BBC Studios, London, Feb. 15/16, 1978
1. Down To The Waterline
2. Water Of Love
3. Wild West End
4. Lions
Live the the Capitol Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, March 6th, 1979
5. Six Blade Knife
6. Lady Writer
7. Where Do You Think You're Going
8. News
9. What's The Matter
10. Southbound
Live in San Francisco during the 1980 US Tour
11. Eastbound Train
Live at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala during the 1983 tour
12. Once Upon A Time In The West
Houston, TX, 1985
13. Expresso Love
14. Tunnel Of Love
San Antonio, TX, 1985
15. One World

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