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DIO "We Rock Live" DVD in digipack

DIO "We Rock Live" DVD in digipack

Exclusive Limited edition DVD Box. Unique cardboard sleeve and slipcase, for real collectors! Region-FREE: (R0), Original DVD disc

Dio live in Holland:
1. Stand up and shout
2. Straight through the heart
3. Shame on the night
4. Children of the sea
5. Holy diver
6. Rainbow in the dark
7. Don't talk to strangers

Dio live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia:
1. Don't talk to strangers
2. Mystery
3. Egypt (The chains are on)/Drum
Solo/Heaven and hell/The last in line/
Heaven and hell
4. Rainbow in the dark
5. Mob rules
6. We rock

Bonus material:

Interview with Ronnie James Dio
in Belgium, August 2005

All region (R0)

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