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DEPECHE MODE "World Violation Backing Tape" 2CD set

DEPECHE MODE "World Violation Backing Tape" 2CD set

Very rare 2CD set with phonogramme from violation tour. Very good sound quality. It's 2CD-R set. This item never Released on original CDs. Great gift for DM fans!

1. Kaleid (Intro)
2. World In My Eyes
3. Halo
4. Shake The Disease
5. Everything Counts
6. Master And Servant
7. Never Let Me Down Again
8. Waiting For The Night
9. Clean (incl. Dave's pre-recorded voice samples)
10. Stripped
11. Policy Of Truth
12. Enjoy The Silence
13. Strangelove
Bonus Track:
14. Route 66 - Accoustic (not part of Tour)
CD 2:

1. Personal Jesus
2. Black Celebration
3. A Question Of Time
4. Behind The Wheel & Route 66.
Bonus Live 1990 Tour Accoustic Tracks (w/Martinvocals):
5. I Want You Now
6. World Full Of Nothing
7. Little 15
8. Blue Dress
9. Here Is The House
10. Sweetest Perfection
Bonus Track:
11. Mix Of Faith And Devotion (non-stop megamix)

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