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DEPECHE MODE "B-Sides & Instrumentals 81-98" 2CD set

DEPECHE MODE "B-Sides & Instrumentals 81-98" 2CD set
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2CD compilation of all B-Sides & instrumental tracks. Reprise/Mute Records 45108-2. Made in USA. Set contain jewel case, front and back insert. Original CD! not a CD-R! Mint Condition!

1. Ice Machine
2. Shout
3. Now This Is Fun
4. Work Hard
5. Fools
6. In Your Memory
7. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
8. Somebody (Remix)
9. Flexible
10. Fly On The Windscreen
11. But Not Tonight
12. Pleasure, Little Treasure
13. Route 66
14. Dangerous
15. Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)
16. Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)
17. My Joy
18. Death's Door
19. Surrender

1. Any Second Now
2. Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
3. Further Experts From: My Secret Garden
4. The Great Outdoors
5. Christmas Island Extended
6. It Doesn't Matter Two Instrumentals
7. Agent Orange
8. Fpmip
9. St.Jarna
10. Sonata No.14 In C#m (Moonlight Sonata)
11. Kaleid
12. Memphisto
13. Sibeling
14. Painkiller
15. Slowblow
16. Headstar

B-Sides & Instrumentals 81-98
Wonderful selection of greatest Depeche Mode hits for fans and collectors in 2CD. Quality of sound of this rare disc is excellent. Disc may be good addition to “All Time Hits 1980-1989” and “All Time Hits 1990-2001”. Music at the joint of rock, electronic music and synth pop – b-sides and instrumentals.

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