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DEPECHE MODE "Rare & Unreleased Mixes Vol. 1.01" 2 CD set

DEPECHE MODE "Rare & Unreleased Mixes Vol. 1.01" 2 CD set

Unique 2CD set with rare DM remixes and unreleased tracks. It's CD-R's because this compilation never Released on pressed CDs. Excellent sound quality! Very rare item and great for DM fans and collectors!!!

1. Enjoy The Silence (The Quad Final Mix)
2. It's No Good (BT Ultraviolet Remix Edit)
3. Strangelove (Fresh Ground  Mix)
4. Rush (Coil Black Sun Mix)
5. Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (Megamix)
6. Master & Servant (On-U-Sound Mix)
7. World In My Eyes (Trip Mode Mix)
8. A Question Of Lust (Flood Mix)
9. Personal Jesus (Kazan Cathedral Mix)
10. Barrel Of A Gun (3 Phase Mix)
11. Boys Say Go (Peel Session)
CD 2:
1. Enjoy The Silence (Video Mix)
2. But Not Tonight (Margouleff's Extended Remix)
3. Route 66 (Nile Rodger'sMix)
4. Nothing (Dub Mix)
5. It's No Good (Club 69 Future Mix)
6. People Are People (On-U-Sound Remix)
7. Behind The Wheel (12" Dub Mix)
8. Master & Servant (U.S. Black & Blue Mix)
9. It's Called A Heart (Emotion Mix)
10. Rush (Wild Planet Mix)
11. Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abraham Mix)

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